Friday, October 31, 2008

Carving Pumpkins

 Dave has always loved Halloween. Lucky for the kids or they probably wouldn't ever carve pumpkins
Dave decided to be real manly and use his saws all to cut out the tops.
We invited cousins Easton and Brooke over to have some fun with us.
This was the final product, pretty good I must say! Dave's is the spider, then it is Maddi's pirate flag, then Kayla's ghost, and then Mason's bat. The deer really liked Masons because the next morning the bat was half eaten.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Freaky Friday

This last Friday we were invited to a Halloween party at our friend Cade and Mandie's house. We all had such a great time. We went on a scavenger hunt, it was so cute and clever! We even had to go to the High School football game and get our picture taken with a cheerleader. (with our costumes on, in front of the entire town.) We also had to go to the cemetery, the river bottoms, the library, and the local grocery store. It was a blast, and of course we won!!! I did not know what to dress up as, and I did not want to spend any money, so this is what we ended up looking like.
Dave borrowed the sweet outfit from his friend Blake. When Maddi asked what he was we just said he was someone with a lot of girl friends! (lol) I dressed up as "White Trash." The picture doesn't do the costume justice. I took a garbage bag and glued all sorts of trash on it. I even had garbage and an egg shell in my hair. It was the cheapest costume I have ever had.
Here are Blaine and Natalie as a farmer and his pig. Even Pregnant Natalie looks nothing like a pig. I love the nipples!
Here are Cade and Mandie in their freaky costumes! Check out Cade's eyes, they were so awesome yet gross at the same time! There were more people that came, but darn it I didnt get there pictures.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall Time Fun!

The girls and 17 other girls from their  achievement day class went to a corn maze this week. I was able to go with them, and I had an aMAZEing time! (lol) I am grateful that they still want me to be a part of their lives! They are good girls and I am happy they are mine!

It was Drug Free week at school this week. each day they had different dress up days. Their favorite was crazy hair day! As you can tell the girls really got into it!

Maddi and her SCARY HAIR!!!
Can you say HAIRSPRAY!!!!!!

Here is a side view of McKayla's CRAZY mowhawk! 

It is hunting season so that means Dave is gone most nights and weekends . He took Mason and Easton out with him last weekend. Then Marlie and I went out to visit. He shoot a Deer the next morning, but the deer must of had some illness, so unfortunately the meat was unusable.(I do like deer jerky, maybe next year!)
Easton,Garrett, Preston,and Mason sporting their safety orange!
Here is Jenny and Marlie hanging out by the campfire.

While the boys were out playing the girls were having some fun if their own!
Last weekend we had a shower for my sister in law Shay. She is having boy girls twins and we are so excited for her and Scott. She is due in December, but the babies will most likely come in November. She looks great!! (She is the one in the middle with the Gray shirt if you can't tell.) It is always a good time spending time with family!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


I can't believe my baby boy turned five years old this week. Five years old just seems like the transition from a little boy to a little man! I have not kept current on his scrapbook, actually I do not think that I have started one. I have taken thousands of pictures of him though! I will try to pick just a few so you can see how much he has grown!

Mason David Morris was born on October 15th, 2003 at 12:10 p.m. 
He weighed 8 lbs. and 1 ounce

Mason was a very happy baby, his smile makes me melt.
It has been a wonderful ride being Mason's mom. I was nervous at first to have a baby boy, but it is great raising a son! I look forward to what lies ahead!

He loves to be outdoors playing with trucks, riding bikes, hunting with his Dad, an just playing in the dirt!

It is hard to imagine that a little who boy is so rough and tough, but at the same time can be so tender and loving. He is always worried about his family and is a great protector of his baby sister.

Mason has always had a love for life. He has fun doing anything! He can entertain himself for hours. I love to watch him, it always put a smile on my face!

Here is Mason blowing out the candles on the Caterpillar cake that he and I made together. I am so blessed to be his mom and have his sweet (Yet ever rambunctious ) spirit in my life. I hope and pray that I can teach him the things that he needs to know! I hope that he has a healthy, happy life, and that he can accomplish the goals that he sets for himself.
I love you Mason !!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

The rest of our trip

Here are a couple pictures of the rebuilt Nauvoo Temple.

I love this one that my Mom took. 
Isn't the scenery amazing!!!

This is the home of the Browning family, and the gun smith. It is one of many homes and stores in Nauvoo.
This is the first home that Joseph Smith lived in in Nauvoo. It is right on the Mississippi River and has a breath taking view.
It is also the final resting place of Joseph, Emma, and Hyrum Smith.
Joseph and Hyrums bodies were secretly hidden for many years. In 1928 They were reburied for the final time .
             Nauvoo was so beautiful, If any of you get the chance to visit, it is definitely worth it!

We had a fun slumber party at the hotel and painted each others toe nails.
Here is Grandma with the babies.
                             The next morning we drove 20 miles to visit Carthage Jail.
This is the room that the jail was in. The jail was actually in a family's home.
This is the bullet hole in the door.
The top window is the Window Joseph Smith fell out of when he was shot.
It was a neat experience going into the jail and learning of the events that happened there! 
Marlie was being noisy and wiggling all around, when we went into the room where Joseph Smith was shot we listened to a 4 minute audio tape. She went silent and held perfectly still during the whole thing. We all felt the spirit and it strengthened my testimony of Joseph Smith and all that he sacrificed for us and the church.

Splish, splash, Marlie and Hudson taking a bath!

We all had a great visit, and it was sad to say goodbye! I am grateful for the time we got to spend together, and look forward to Mary and Hudson's next visit in November!
I hope I didn't bore you all with all of the pictures, I just had a hard time picking from all of them.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The city of St.Louis

Most of you know that my Mom and I are in Missouri visiting my sister Mary, her husband Cam and their darling baby Hudson. I am actually watching Marlie and Hudson right now and the are both sleeping. I decided to blog so there won't be so much to blog about when I get home. My mom and Marlie and I flew here on Tuesday. I HATE to fly!!! We flew in a much smaller plane than I would have preferred, but we made it alive so I shouldn't complain. Yesterday we went shopping to a really cool mall. We went to the Children's Place just to look. 2 hours later we left with a huge bag of clothes. The awesome thing is that we hardly spent anything! It was the craziest sale ever! I got 12 pieces of WINTER clothing for $41.00's (that is including 8.5% sales tax!) I got a hoodie that was normally $21.00's for $4.50. We were so happy with ourselves and our big finds!!! Well enough about that. Look and big boy Hudson!!
I was so excited to see Mary, Cam and Hudson. Hudson has grown so much! Last time I saw him he was 6 weeks old and weighed 12 lbs. Now he is 4 months old and weighs at least 17lbs. He is seriously bigger than Marlie who is 10 months! (Marlie is a little peanut, but still!) Well, he is so cute and fun. I am afraid that I am going to be so sad on Sunday when we go home.

Today Cam had the day off of work so he took us to into St.Louis City where he works. On the way there My mom wanted us to stop by a Cemetery to find some of our ancestor's graves.( My great, great, great grandpa and his family.) We got a little lost trying to find it, then when we got there we found out that the headstones we were looking for didn't exist. They knew where they were buried, but only 1 out of the 6 had a headstone.

Cam had to clean up Hudson after he made a MESSY accident in his pants!!

After the scenic drive through the SLUMS (I was scared for our lives!) We made it into St.Louis and went to the famous ARCH. They call it the gateway to the West. We went on a ride inside of it and all the way to the top. It is over 620 feet tall, but it looks and feels like over 1000!!

This is a picture of the St. Louis Cardinals baseball field and on the Mississippi River from the top of the Arch.
When we got down we ate lunch right underneath the Arch. We have been having a great time. Tomorrow we are going to Nauvoo until Saturday. I will post more when I get home. I MISS Dave and the kids tons! I appreciate all of their help while I am gone!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Fun with Friends

Over the last few months we have had some fun outings with our good friends the Doutre's, Weaver's, and the Marsh's. The first Outing was this summer when we went camping to the Onieda Narrows in Southern Idaho. The campground left much to be desired, but the River that was so much fun!!!
We would pile all of the gang into Dave's fun new Ranger and take them up the road a couple of miles and dump them off.
   They would all float back down the river and end up at camp!
         We had a great time and can't wait to go back next year!
        The kids and Blaine spent hours catching frogs
Here is a picture of some, they  caught over 25, but let them all go when we went home.
 Then a couple weeks ago we went to Bear Lake and stayed in Miller Cabin. (Blaine's Grandparents cabin.) The weather wasn't the best for being outside, so we spent a lot of time playing games.
When the sun did come out the kids loved playing on the big lawn and going for a Ranger ride. Marlie enjoyed spending some time with her Dad.
We are so blessed to have such great friends and to be able to make lasting memories together!