Sunday, June 15, 2008

Spring time news

Yes I have done it again. I have gone 2 months sense my last post. I didn't think that anyone even looked at my blog, but I have had a few requests for some current news and pictures. We are all alive and healthy. I will make a few posts and get you caught up on the last couple of months.

We got these Harry Potter glasses at the grocery store. They fit Marlie and we all got quite the kick out of it! Marlie has very unruly hair, I try to comb it down and it always stands back up. It reminds me of a rooster, in this picture she looks like a mad scientist! She is a happy baby and is getting quite found of me, if she sees me she wants me to hold her. It is kind of flattering at first, but it would be nice to put her down every once in a while.

In May McKayla and Madison had their dance review. They both did a great job and looked darling in their costumes! (I should have took their pictures before their hair flopped!)They will have the summer off from dance and are trying to decide what they want to do for next year. They both were happy to see the school year come to an end, but are bored everyday. They are great helps to me with their sister, and it is nice to have them home.(when they are not fighting!)
Mason graduated from pre-school and has one more year left before he can move onto Kindergarten! Here he is cheesing it up with his good friend Clair Bridge. Our family was sad to say good bye to the Bridge family this week when they moved to Canada. I have more to blog, but I will have to do it a little bit later. (hopefully before July!)