Sunday, September 28, 2008

Baby Drew

On August 28th, 2008 My sister in law Kim (Tim's) wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, they named her Drew.

We were so excited to go see her and hold her for the first time. She is so beautiful !!!!!!
She looks just like her big sister Addie. I am so lucky to have such cute nieces!!

 Addie had a blast playing with PA PA, D, (that is what 
calls Maddi) Kayla and Mason

We also got to celebrate my moms birthday!! Can you see the candles 57!! Doesn't she age gracefully! (I hope I get some of those genes!!)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Our Little Slugger

This summer while McKayla was busy with her lamb, Madison decides to try something new. She signed up for the coach pitch softball league in town.
She was not sure that she was going to like it, but after lots of practicing with  Dad and Grandpa, she was hitting like a pro.  

She was good at every position that she tried.

We all had a great time watching her grow and learn! Hopefully she will want to play again next year!

Monday, September 22, 2008

EWE go girl!!

This year McKayla felt a little bit more prepared when it came to showing her lamb. She picked her lamb out and bought it in the spring. Then she has to feed and water it everyday. Towards the end of the summer she had to start walking it and training it everyday for at least an hour. It can be hard! Lambs are really DUMB! She got walked on and drug around quite a bit, but she never gave up.  Her lamb wighed 115 lbs, and she only weighs 58.
Her hard work and effort paid off when she got a blue ribbon at the County fair. She placed 62nd out of 300 lambs, not too, bad!

Madison's Baptism

I know I promised more posts. I am so behind!!! I am going to get caught up one day, I hope! These posts are not in order of how the events took place, but it will have to do!

Madison was baptized on September 6th, 2008. It was a little different not having any of my family there. Her Grandma and Grandpa were in Beijing with Uncle Marlon, Tim Kim and Addie, were with their brand new baby girl Drew, and Mary and Cam were at home in St. Louis. We missed everyone, but it was still a very special day , and we had other special family members and friends that were able to attend.

                                                            Here is Dave with Maddi
My Mom's friend Connie makes the BEST cakes in the world. She ordered Maddi a special cake for this special day. Isn't it so cute in the shape of an eight. Can you see the father and the daughter in the baptismal font, then she had a cheerleader in the bottom circle. It was so cute and so supper yummy!
Here we are outside the Stake Center. Marlie isn't looking, but oh well. We had a great day and we are so proud of Maddi and the great choices that she makes in her life everyday!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Pictures of California trip

Here we are at the airport. We were quite the scene! It is funny now, but it was quite hectic. I hate to fly, but it is so much faster! We made memories that will last forever!
We went to my aunt Cheryl and uncle Kelly's house for a delicious meal. We visited with family that we have  not seen in a couple of years.
We went to sea world and the Wales were so awesome. Dave and the kids got soaked in the soak zone! Mason got a Wale that he named "Shampoo". (lol) My uncle Val and Aunt Debby came with us and we also meet up with Jason and Claudia Ayotte and their cute family.

We made a trip over to Corondo Island and spent a few hours. The weather was perfect and the kids had fun playing in the water.
We had a wonderful time visiting with my Grandpa and his sweet wife Shirley. She spoiled the kids as usual!
This is us visiting with Marlon at the Olympic training center where he lives. He gave us a VIP tour on this golf cart, that started to smoke and would not work after we went on it. I think we overloaded the maximum weight capacity!
    Can you see the pictures of Marlon in the background on the building? Cool huh!
             Here is Tim, Addie, and the kids swimming in my aunt cheryl's great pool!