Sunday, November 9, 2008

Leaves are falling all around

Every year when the leaves start to fall, I start to think of all of the fun pictures we could take. Yes, I said fun. I guess they are fun if you consider this fun.
Me: Kids we are going to go take some pictures in the leaves.
Kids: No, Mom, Please NO
( That is still what we say to my Mom when she wants to take family pictures!)
Me: Come on I got you new shirts.
Kids: (Look and the shirts) I don't like those, those are ugly! I am not wearing that!
Me: Okay, let's go do your hair.
Kids: Crying while I force them to at least comb the tangles out of their hair.
Me: Get into the car, right now!!
Kids: Are we there yet?
Me: Okay smile, say cheese.
Kids:  Screaming, Don't touch me! Mom, someone is hitting me!
Me: Stop hitting each other! Just SMILE!!!! Act like you love each other!
Kids: Are we done yet, can we please go home!
Me: Just one more I promise, just look at the camera and smile.
After about ten more I finally let them get up and go.
That is how it goes every year! And I hope it goes like that for many more years to come.
I just wanted you all to know the true story, but look at the priceless pictures I got of my kids!
The kids doggy piled on each other so Dave sat Marlie on top. I love the look on her face! The next one is my favorite with all of the kids together!
Here are my favorite ones of the girls!

Mason likes to get his picture taken, but he likes to pose himself. His favorite pose is showing off his big muscles. I always have to take one like that before he will let me take a good one!

What a handsome boy!!!

Here are the pictures of Marlie that I took. It is not always easy getting a baby to smile when she has a double ear infection, is getting new teeth, has the croup, and would rather eat the leaves then the sit on them. They aren't the greatest, but I thought they turned out cute considering what we were up against! 


I did have her hair done before we left the house.

Well, I guess that's all until next fall!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloweens From the Past


We have a Trunk-R-Treat ever year with the Goring's. With a family that size there is always a pretty BIG crowd! We always have such a great time when we get together!
Here are just a few of the Ghoul's and Goblins that showed up.

This was Marlie's first Halloween, so I was wanting to capture all of the KODAK moments, but I think I went a little overboard. Sorry Mar's!

We started out with a happy flower, then she turned sad.
Here are the kids at Grandma Sherie's house. Marlie was beyond being done getting her picture taken. The girls put their own costumes together with stuff around the house. Maddi was a pirate and Kayla was a punk rocker. Obviously Mason was the Hulk and Marlie was a flower.
Marlie enjoyed her first trunk-r-treating experience. Notice that she has a sucker in each hand, and one stuck on her costume.
Here are the kids again in their costumes, getting ready for the trunk-r-treat with our community. This time Maddi was an Alien and Kayla was a little devil.