Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Christmas Surprise!!!!

I know this is a horrible picture of me, and I can't believe I put it on here! It is hard to believe that I am really happy in this picture, but I am. A few days after Christmas I walked into my bedroom and found this.......

Mary and Hudson!! They had flown in from Florida for New Years and everyone knew they were coming, but me! I was so surprised!! It was the best present ever!

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Christmas with famliy 2009

Santa Clause comes to the Howell family party every year. Marlie was not so sure what to think of Santa this year so Santa sat on the floor so she would not be so afraid.

We had a few family parties at Christmas. It is always so fun for the kids to get together with extended family and cousins.

It is always so fun to watch the kids wake up and see what Santa left them. Marlie was old enough this year to be excited about it. Kayla and Maddi got digital cameras, Mason got his own Nintendo ds, and Marlie got another baby, of course!!!

Tim and Kim were able to come spend the night and have breakfast with us on Christmas morning. It was fun to see Addie and Drew open presents,too. I love the Holidays and being with family! I am hoping that next Christmas the whole family will be able to be together.

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Happy 2nd Birthday Marlie

I know I have more picture than this for Marlie's 2nd Birthday, but I can't find them on the computer. I will have to add them as I find them. (This is really sad because as I post this Marlie is over 2 1/2.)
Marlie is super obsessed about babies. She could never have enough of them! That is all she wanted for her Birthday.

She was happy that she got a new baby that she could feed and take care of.

Even though she is only 2 years old, she loves to nurture and be a "Mommy" to baby dolls and real babies. She is such a sweet and loving little girl!

She started crawling out of her crib shortly after her Birthday! It was a sad day for me! She also started to get potty trained right after she turned 2 years old and trained pretty fast and easy! It makes me so sad to see how fast she is growing up and becoming a little girl!

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Turkey Trot

This was Mason's first year being in school, so he was excited for the Turkey Trot.
I was so happy that he got first place in the boys for his age and his cute little friend Karley got 1st place for the girls.

Here comes Maddi running her little heart out!

Now that she is 3rd grade she got to run one mile for the Turkey Trot. I am so pround of her to run that far and try so hard.

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Haunting Part 2!!!!

We get together with the Gorings every Halloween for the Trunk-r-Treat. I was sad to see how big Marlie was this year, and that she had graduated from the high chair to the big kid table. I usually take individual pictures of my kids for some reason this year I didn't get any. I will have to remember that for next year.

This year Kayla chose to be a Fairy, Maddi was a Skela-rocker, Mason was "Snake Eyes" from G.I. Joe, and Marlie was a Bumble Bee.

On Halloween Dave's Brother Scott came to visit with his wife Shay and their twins Korver and Olivia. It was so cute to see them in their costumes. We decided to go visit Dave's Grandma Morris so she could see the kids all dressed up. I love the picture with Grandma Morris with Easton and Mason laughing on her lap.

We usually carve pumpkins, but this year my Mom painted pumpkins with the kids. Kayla was invited to a fun Halloween party with a bunch of friends from school. (There was over 30 girls there!) The Mom's went all out and the girls had a great time. Don't Maddi and Lexi look scary!!!

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Happy Haunting part 1 !!!!

Deweyville had it's first annual pumpkin walk last Halloween. My Brother Tim and his family were here for the weekend, so we decided to go check it out. We saw some very creative and creepy pumpkins, the kids really like it!!

They also had some fun places for everyone to pose for a picture. Some of these are so funny!

Our friends Mandie and Cade have had a Halloween Party for the past few years. It is always fun to get together with friends for a few hours without the kids. They have a fun scavenger hunt that we go on and it is a blast. I am always amazes how creative everyone is with their costumes. Dave was a Biker and I was a princess, and was wearing the masquerade mask that I bought in New Orleans. I can't wait until next Halloween and already have some ideas for our costumes.
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Mason turns 6 years old

Mason celebrated his 6th Birthday on October 15th. He was so excited to get the marshmallow gun that Grandma and Grandpa got for him.

I am not very creative, but I tried to do something a little different for Mason's Birthday cake this year. Because his Birthday is so close to Halloween and he was having a Halloween themed Birthday party, I made him a spider cake. Luckily he is easy to please and thought it was pretty neat.

Here is Mason getting ready to blow the his Birthday candle out.

Mason had some of his friends from school and the ward come to his party. They were all dressed up so cute, and they had a fun time!

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