Monday, September 21, 2009

13 years of Marriage!!!!!

Yesterday Dave and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. It is really hard to believe it has been that many years and that we are not as young as we think. As I look back on our life together I have so many memories. We really were only young kids when we meet. Dave was a senior in High School and I was a Junior. We knew who the other was had never really talked, we got set up by some mutual friends and we have been together ever sense. After Dave graduated he kept going to trade school and got his welding certificate. When I graduated a year later I started beauty school and Dave started a new job making cabinets. The week after I graduated beauty school we were married.
We got married at Hampton Ford, we really had no back up plan, so when it looked like it was going to rain that morning we were a little worried. Luckily the clouds cleared out and the sun came out. It was a beautiful day!!!! We were surrounded by our family and friends, all three of my living Grandparents were able to make it up from California. We were lucky enough to purchase our first home and move in when we got married. It was small, but newly remodeled on the inside. We only lived there for two years, but I have so many fun memories in that house. We were right in the middle of town and a lot of our friends would always stop by to visit. It was the first place that was just ours!!! It was the house we brought home our first daughter.McKayla Jaqueline Morris was born in March eighteen months after we were married. It was such a joyful time! I had had a very complicated pregnancy, and Dave also had started a new job working for Nucor shortly before her birth. Luckily I was able to stay at home with her and cut hair part time at a salon 2 blocks from our home. When McKayla was six months old we bought our second home and moved to Thatcher.We had a special day in March of 2000, when we went through the Temple to be sealed as a family. I was 4 months pregnant with our second daughter at the time.
Madison Lou Morris entered our family in August of 2000. It was an adjustment going from one child to 2 children, but as you can tell we were all happy about our growing family

Here is a picture of our cute little family in the Fall of 2002. This is at my little brother Tim's wedding.The next fall in 2003 we were so happy to add another child and our first(and only) son to our family,Mason David. He is the spitting image of his father and everywhere we go people are telling him that he looks just like his Dad.
We like to do a lot of fun things as a family. Some of our favorites are camping and going to the cabin in Bear Lake. Here we are in Bear Lake enjoying the beautiful fall leaves in 2005.We were luck enough to win a cruise to the Mexican Riviera from Dave's employer. We went in the fall of 2006 to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. It was a great trip and we enjoyed every minute of it!!!! We are hoping that we can do something like that again to celebrate our 15th anniversary.In December of 2007 we added our third daughter to the family,Marlie Rae Morris. She is loved so much by her three older brothers and sisters. It is really strange yet wonderful to be the parents of four beautiful and healthy children. We truly are blessed!!!!!We live a very simple yet fun filled life. It is a much different life than we were living thirteen years ago. As different as it is I would not change a thing! Dave is such a great husband and father. He is a very hard worker and really tries to stay involved in all of the kids activities. I am lucky enough to stay at home with all the kids, and I have a salon in our basement so that I can cut hair while the kids are at school and Marlie naps. We are very busy this year with the kids and their sporting events, but it is great to watch them grow up and be involved in things they love.The above picture is at one of our favorite camping spots in Greys River Wyoming. It is so beautiful there!!!
Here we are on one of our fun family vacations.
Island Park, Idaho Summer 2009
Here are just a few little fun facts about all the changes that we have had in our thirteen year marriage. We have have moved into 3 homes, bought 9 different cars (most of them were Dave and his trucks!),4 camping trailers,5 dogs,2 cats (one of them we still have and we got him the week before we got married!) at least a dozen goldfish, a couple hermit crabs, and 4 Guinea pigs.

We have had a great thirteen years of marriage and I am looking forward to celebrating many more years together.I am not so excited about growing old, but it does make it better growing old together!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Fun in the Bear Lake Sun!!!!!!

So most of you know that we love spending time at my parents cabin in beautiful Bear Lake. We try to get up there often, but it is never often enough! We always enjoy every minute of that we have there. We love to swim, spend time at the beach (not Dave!), ride the Ranger, play games, and relax!!!
We were able to spend celebrate Fathers Day at the cabin this year. Dave was excited to get his new I-touch from the kids! My brother Tim, and Dave's brother Scott along with their wives and kids came for the weekend. We love having them around, and my kids love spending time with their cousins! My parents were such great sports and slept in the loft so we could all have a bedroom for the babies to sleep in! They were trying to sleep while we were being noisy and playing games!!! Sorry Mom and Dad!!!

The weather has not been the greatest for us this Summer, most of the days when we have headed to the beach it has been cloudy, windy, and sometimes rainy! Luckily the pool gets protected from the wind and feels a little warmer. Dave tries to act like he is having a good time, but would rather be at the cabin relaxing. He is not a fan of the sun or the sand, so the beach is not his favorite place to be. He even gets sunburned under the camp shade!!

For the 24th of July we had my whole family together at the cabin (except for my brother in law Cam, who we missed!!) It was fun to see Hudson, and Addie play in the water! Marlon and Daniella made it for the last day, Daniella had never been to Bear Lake in the Summer so we were glad she got to see how beautiful it is.

Those kids are real troopers! The water is so pretty, but very chilly!!!
The memories that we make at Bear Lake each year are some of my favorite! I hope that my kids will remember and cherish them always!

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Deweyville 4th of July!!

Yes, I know 4th of July was a few months ago, but I have to finally post our activities for the day. Here we are showing our patriotism.
Every year we head to Deweyville for the big 4th of July celebration there. It is a tradition that we have all look forward to! Dave was feeling very festive this year and bought the kids some cute head bands. He is also wearing my Mom's sequined visor! I love that he gets so excited about Holidays! Maybe Marlie takes after her Daddy. Look at her being patriotic with the flag. Here is the Goring gang at the parade! Every year they put together a float (a semi trailer with straw) and we all ride on it and throw candy to the crowd. There is no other parade quite like it. You drive down the road for 1 mile, then turn around and drive back. It is a lot of fun and we look forward to it every year. As you can tell there is A LOT of kids and grand kids! This year we decorated the Ranger to drive in the parade. Misty and Stu rode with us.
After the parade is over we go to the park and get ready for the candy drop. A man that is from Deweyville flies over the softball field a few times and drops bags of candy to the kids. It is a dangerous activity. I have seen an elderly women seriously fall on her face (she landed on my shoe and I thought she was dead!) I have also fought a few teenage boys for these bags of candy. The little kids aren't tall enough to grab the bags over the older kids, and every year there are kids crying while the teenagers walk away with the candy. We then end the afternoon by playing water games and eating lunch at the ranch. It is a great day!

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This year Dave's Dad and Step Mom, as well as Cortnie and Chris and the kids came over for dinner and fireworks. We all had a fun time, and we didn't burn the mountain down, so that is always a good thing!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Maddi's Softball Summer

This summer Maddi signed up to play coach Pitch Softaball. The city called and said that they needed more coaches so Dave said that he would be Maddi's coach

Dave actually was the person to pitched the ball to the girls in the games. He really did a great job coaching and the girls loved him. Maddi thought it was great to have her Dad their teaching her!

Maddi really took a love for the game of softball and after playing she decided she wanted to play more. She just found out that she will be on a traveling fast pitch team. They start practicing this week and will continue to practice until the season starts next Spring. It is quite the jump from coach pitch to fast pitch, but I know with a lot of hard work she will be a great player!
The team pracitced hard and made great improvments! Girls that had no idea how to play softball were all hitting and playing really good by the end of the season. They won every game! Dave and I had a great time getting to know the girls and watch them grow and become friends!

Mason was the batter boy! He was very proud of his job and did it well!

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Kayla was our little baby sitter! She would pull Marlie around the ball park in her favorite red wagon. Here they are with friends Kenyon and Klaire. We appreciate Kaylas help with her sister sso we could help Maddi's team!