Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fair time again!

(I know this is 6 months late, but I still need to do it!!)
This is the 3rd year that McKayla has raised a lamb for the fair. It is always one of those things that half way through we wonder what we have gotten ourselves into, but it always ends up being a good experience and we are glad when it is done.

Here are some pictures of the kids racking, washing ,and walking their lambs. They spend many hours in the heat getting their lambs ready for the big day.

McKayla did a great job and her hard work paid off. She got 1st place (Star Choice in her wight group.) Then she got to got the final round with the top 50 to compete for grand champion. (There were over 300 lambs total this year in the fair.) She hung in there for a long time and ended up getting 6th place over all, we were all so excited and proud!!!! Next year Maddi gets to raise one ,so we will have 2!!!
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