Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Laggon Days

I really wanted to post about our most recent vacation, but I still have to get caught up first. I will go back to a month ago and post about Lagoon Day. Every year Dave's company takes us to Lagoon. It is always nice because we have to pay for NOTHING! They buy our tickets, lunch, drinks, ice cream, even parking!!! I hope it is something they can continue to do!
This year we left Marlie with my sister in law Cortnie and then took her son Easton. The girls took off for a while and rode the "Big Kid" rides, while Dave and I took Mason and Easton on some of the more gentle rides. After lunch we all stayed together and enjoyed the rest of the day. Dave's boss Jack took the girls on the tilt-r-whirl!!!

After 9 hours we decided it was time to go home. The kids were not ready to leave, but the park was closing. On the way out they asked me if they could run in the fountain and get a "LITTLE WET". I said that would be okay, but don't get drenched!!!!

I guess you can see how that turned out! 5 minutes later they looked like drowned rats!!! We had to take all their clothed off except their underwear and have them wear some of my shirts (that I had just bought on the way down there ) on the way home. It was a fun day and we look forward to next year!!! Posted by Picasa