Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wild Rides at Willard Bay

Our friends Blaine and Natalie got a boat last year and have been very gracious to take us boating with them a few times this year.
We went to Willard and had a blast! The kids especially loved riding in the tube!

This day we went out on the boat with our friends the Kaneko's and the Steens's. The kids had a blast on the water wienie!!
We also met up with our friend Heather Christensen from High School and her darling kids. We girls decided we would give the tube a try, and Blaine promised not to dump us out, and that our sunglasses would be safe. Well, after a few minutes of fun I ended face down in Willard Bay with my feet straight in the air and still holding on to the tube. I hear it was some pretty good watching, even though I was not,too impressed at the time to be the only one in the water and to let the fish have my sunglasses. Luckily they were only $6.00. All in all it was a fun time!

It was the boys turn next, Blaine, Dave and Mac all got on together! We sent them on a wild ride and eventually they ended up in the water,too!

Our friend Stu really wanted to through a surprise party for his wife Misty, so with a little help from everyone and a few white lies we pulled it off and really surprised her. The Doutre's,Sorensons, the Allreds, Stu's family and Heather Christensen were all able to come. We had a great time on the boats and the kids got a few more wild rides!!!! It was a great way to end the summer! As you can tell the tube was very well used and we will all miss it, as it no longer will hold air. (I can't imagine why not! LOL!)

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