Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Marlie's 18 month pictures

My Brother Tim and Sister in law Kim came up a while ago and took these darling and priceless pictures of Marlie for me. This was not an easy task!! She did not want to sit and pose for us, so they were mostly action shots!

Marlie is just a little pint size thing, but has a a big personality! She weighs 21 lbs. and is only in the 11% for weight and in the 50% for her height.

Kim made this cute tutu. Or how ever you spell it! She is so crafty!!!

Marlie knows where her eyes, nose ,mouth, head,fingers, and toes are. Here she is showing everyone where her ears are!

After a melt down Marlie took a nap and we tried again for a few more! The Bonnet that Marlie is wearing in the picture below was my Moms when she was a baby!

Marlie has been doing sign language for the last six months, it is really cute, and helps a lot with communication. She has really started talking a lot the last month! She can say, Mama, Dada, Poppa, Aya (Kayla), Addi, and Mase. She also says; "NO", "MINE", and "MOVE". My favorites are;"Hoves" (Shoes), "Tank-You", "Yuv-You", "Hug", and "Tiss".

Marlie also has a huge shoe fetish and loves to walk around with other people shoes on. Marlie has always loved her "bink" (binkie). Now that she is getting older we are trying to only give it to her at bedtime,but she somehow always finds where I hide it , and brings it to me, along with her very worn out crochet blanket when she is ready for bed.

I am so glad that Tim and Kim were able to capture these pictures for us! I wish we could freeze time for a while, but at least we will always be able to remember these precious moments when we look at these pictures!

If anyone wants some great pictures of their own just let me know. Tim and Kim are starting a photography business! Thanks again for the pictures!!!!

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Field trip, Field day, and Friends

Now that I have done Mason and McKayla's updates about the end of school, It is now Maddi's turn. As well as the other kids, Madison had a lot of fun activities going on the last week of school. The second graders put on a darling patriotic music program. (My camera wasn't working very good so the pictures did not turn out so great.)
The school also had a fun field day with activities for all of the kids. Maddi was the winner in the sack races. Her class was nice enough to let Mason play the parachute with them. I also was able to go with Maddi and her class on their field trip to Willlow Park. (It was hard because Kayla's was the same day, and I wanted to go to both and Dave had to work, but Maddi's was closer so I could drive myself and not had to leave the other kids all day.)
Maddi's teacher this year was Mrs.Hugie. She loved her teacher and her class. She has already found out who her 3rd grade teacher is going to be and she is very excited. Luckily she will still be at McKinley to help watch over Mason next year. As far as her and Kayla, they will never be in the same school again at the same time. I am kind of sad about that, but I think that it will be an okay thing,too.Posted by Picasa

Moving on up!!!!

I am only about a month and 100's of pictures behind on blogging! I have so many pictures of the summer I need to get on here, but I don't want to miss some of the other fun things that have happened!

The 5th Grade Science fair was a new thing for us this year! Kayla knew right away that she wanted to do something with model rockets. With the help of her Dad and the rest of the crew (Maddi, Mason, and Mom) she got the project done. She did several different launches, and each launch she added more weight to the rockets nose cone to see how it would affect the rockets flight and decent.

I was amazed at all of the very cool and creative things that all of the students had done for their projects! Kayla did a very good job on her board and all of the other students and parents were very interested in learning more about it. She ended up getting Blue ribbon!!!!

Now on to the big news! Mckayla graduated fifth grade and is moving on up to the Intermediate School! She is will also be leaving the bus and bus driver that she has had for the last 6 years! She will now be on the bus with 11-18 year old! YIKES!!!!!I can not believe that she isn't going to be in Elementary school anymore!

The school had a very nice graduation for the kids! Here is Kayla with some of her friends and teachers! Mr. Bennette is the teacher in the black shirt, he was my 5th grade teacher! He was and still an awesome teacher! I am feeling many mixed emotions watching my daughter grow up! It is exciting, and very scary at the same time! I just want Kayla to know how much I love her and that I am so proud of the choices that she makes everyday! She is a great daughter,sister, and friend!!!!

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