Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Slippery remote and a drunk baby!!!

I have never put video on my blog before, so I thought I would try! I have was going to put a video of Marlie to show everyone how well she is walking. She wasn't walking on her birthday, I was a little suprised because my other kids were walking by 11 months. Well a week after her birthday she just took off. Everyday she got better and better, by New Years she was a pro! Know she is walking everywhere, no more crawling! I have lots of video of her walking without falling down, but it's kind of boring. When I watched this video I knew it was the one to put on. It doesn't show her great skill or grace, but I thought it was hillarious. Maybe it's because she is my daughter, oh well I hope you guys enjoy it. I guess we shouldn't have give her so much bubbly in her bottle anymore!
(I am really just kidding!)
It has taken many hours to figure out how to put this vodeo on my blog! I thought it would be just like putting a picture on, but I guess my computer doesn't do it the same. Anyway, Thank you Amber for helping me! This video is know about a month old. I can hardly remember Marlie crawling anymore. It is so sad how fst they change! I have more things to post, but I wanted to goet this done first. Now I can get caught up with the other posts!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

We made it until midnight!

On New Years Eve our Friends Jake and Tracie Goodliffe came over with their cute kids Averie and Easton. We had a good time eating and playing games and we were plesently suprised when we were still awake at midnight! (Averie and Maddi were the only kids awake to help us ring in the New Year.)

Some how Kayla and Easton slept through the noise. Mason played his DS almost the entire night, I think he is addicted! Jake was worried that I wasn't going to put him on the blog, so here is another picture of him rocking out on the drums while playing Rock band.

Marlie could not quite figure out what she was supposed to do with the horn.
On New Years Day we went to the Ranch for some good eatin! Dave pulled the kids all around behind the Ranger and Marlie and I stayed in the warm. I enjoyed visiting with family!Later that night my Mom babysat Marlie while we took the kids to see Bedtime Stories at the movie theatre. It was a funny show and we all liked it. It get two thumbs up!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Maddi said a funny!

One of my New goals for the year is to write down the funny things that my kids say. I always think that I am going to remember the cute and funny things that they say and do forever, but I swear with in a week, I can't. So here goes. Monday we were sitting down fro FHE. Mason was throwing a fit because he didn't want to put away the Nintendo DS. Dave told him that he could either go to his room for time out, or he could come and sit down with the family without screaming and crying. He reluctantly came and sat down. My Mom told Mason that one day he would be glad that his parents are trying to teach him to be nice and accountable. Madison then says "yuck, I know what that is!" We all looked at her like what are you talking about. She then says, "Cannibals like to eat people!" We all just bust a gut!! We had to explain that Grandma said accountable not a cannibal! My kids really are the best, they know how to make me smile! They also know how to make me crazy, but thats focus on the positive!