Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mason turns 6 years old

Mason celebrated his 6th Birthday on October 15th. He was so excited to get the marshmallow gun that Grandma and Grandpa got for him.

I am not very creative, but I tried to do something a little different for Mason's Birthday cake this year. Because his Birthday is so close to Halloween and he was having a Halloween themed Birthday party, I made him a spider cake. Luckily he is easy to please and thought it was pretty neat.

Here is Mason getting ready to blow the his Birthday candle out.

Mason had some of his friends from school and the ward come to his party. They were all dressed up so cute, and they had a fun time!

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Cam and Mary said...

The little kids dressed up are so cute! And you did a great job on the cake, too!

Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

Way cute! Madison has an October bithday too.

Neha J said...

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