Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday KB!!!

Hey everyone! This is Mary and my mom here. We broke into Keri Beth's blog to wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 32 years ago today, 4 1/2 weeks before her due date, this 5 pound 2 oz baby made her way into this world, and our lives are so blessed because of that event! (Wow, is my big sis really 32?! haha! Love ya sis!) We thought you would enjoy some pics of Keri Beth when she was younger. Hope you have a great day Keri Beth! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

Here is a poem that our friend Cynthia made for KB's birthday:

A baby girl was born thirty-two years ago.
Her mom and dad were thrilled with every little toe.
She was the perfect child for baby number one.
Little did they know of the life that’d just begun.

In the Frito Lay Truck, she was her father’s mate,
And off to the day care – Their daily morning date!
She took dad’s job to heart - a little more, maybe…
Earning her the nickname – The Frito Lay Baby.

With smiles, joy, and laughter, she loved her childhood years,
Once crossed a busy street and frightened Mom to tears.
She tried to tell her mom, who just didn’t understand
To get her mom some tulips, this risky trip was planned.

Dancing, loving music, on to her teens she went.
A socialite – her time, with many friends, was spent.
Loving Bryan Adams and a Michael Jordan fan:
Her love of basketball could have come from this tall man.

But her heart was not meant for these two famous men,
High school brought another who was her “Perfect 10”.
Once he came, it was hard, any other men to see.
They fell in love, and so began, their love story.

Twelve years and four kids more, they’re an old married pair.
She still loves friends and talking while she does your hair.
But we’d like to warn you: Guard your cell phone and your food.
She would loose or break the first and steal the latter, if she could.

She loves to sing, does it well ( Bryan would be proud).
And when she makes mistakes, her laugh you’ll hear most loud.
She loves going camping, whether near or far,
Playing Bunco with her friends and her DVR

But spending time with family, if her heart you knew,
Is, of all the things, what she really loves to do.
Whether she’s at Bear Lake or doing PTA,
In her big suburban, this is where she wants to stay!

We love you Keri Beth – for us, you’d do anything!
(Except maybe if it includes a motor with two wings.)
And so we’d like to say in every single font,
“You are the best mom, friend, and spouse that anyone could want!"

Monday, February 23, 2009

Our night in Vegas!

Dave and I both have Birthday's in Feb. and in between it is Valentines Day. When I asked Dave what he wanted for his Birthday he said he wanted to go to a Bed and Breakfast for a night! I thought it was sweet that he would want to spend time with me rather than get some hunting stuff. I made a reservation at the Anniversary Inn we got the Vegas Nights room. The Anniversary Inn has just remodeled some of their rooms and they are soooooo nice! We felt like we were in a Vegas hotel, but one that we could never afford! We went to dinner at one of our favorites Olive Garden. YUMMY!!!! The room even had all sorts of electronic games, Texas Hold'em, 21, blackjack, and at least 50 other fun games to play! It was a great night away. We hadn't gone away alone for more than an hour or two sense Marlie was born. I think we will have to make this our February tradition!!!!
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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kayla's Valentine's Box

I know that it is a little late, but I wanted to show you Kayla's box we made her. She wanted to do something cute, but she didn't want it to be "babyish". I saw this idea with a box of candy, so I thought we would try it on her Valentine Box. If you can't tell what it is, it is an i-pod. I thought it turned out really cute! They had a vote in her class and her's got 1st place.
Luckily Maddi and Mason made their's in the classes, so I only had to help with one! I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentines Day!
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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Our little princess'

This week McKayla and Madison got to go on a date with their Prince to the Daddy Daughter Date.They are already fighting over boys! They did not want to share their daddy, so he is going to take them out on their OWN dates on another night! It was a princess theme so they dressed in their royal attire, and looked so beautiful! They had a fancy dinner,made crowns,and wands, while Dave got to make a sword and had to pick their feet from all the others girls feet.(Luckily they were clean, they might be princess',but wow, they can have some royal stinky piggies! They had a wonderful time. I wish that this would be the only man in their life, but I know that it will not always be that way. Hopefuly we do have atleast a few more years! I love McKayla and Madison so much! They are such great girls and bring so much joy to our family! They are such big helpers with Marlie, I appreciate all they do to help me! They are truly our little princess'!!Posted by Picasa

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Super Birthday!!!

This year Super Bowl Sunday was just three days before Dave's big 33 Birthday, so I decided to combine the events and have one party! Some of Dave's family came over as well as my Mom and Dad. We had a football poll with some prizes, as long with tons of JUNK food!! I spent about 10 minutes cutting out everyone's 3-D glasses for the half time commercials. The kids thought the glasses were cool, but we were a little disapointed with commercials.
Dave's Dad, Maddi, and Mason posed for a quick photo.

I was so excited because my brother and sister in law came to our house for the festivities and brought there 2 month old twins Korver and Olivia to visitPosted by Picasa. Dave finally felt that they were big enough to hold. He has always loved cuddling with babies. I think he might be baby hungry! HAHA

Monday, February 2, 2009

Fog,frost,frozen noses,and fun!!!

We knew it was going to be a different experience in Bear Lake as we got to the scenic over look. Were you usually see the beautiful turquoise Lake we saw this instead. As we started down the hill we drove into the Fog. We hopped that it would clear when we got to the cabin, but it didn't. The cabin is there if you look hard enough you can see it.
Even in the fog we still had a great time. I did feel a little claustrophobic not being able to see more than across the street. I did miss the seeing the beautiful view out of the cabin windows. Maybe we will see the lake next time we go.
When we were almost there we had a little road block. Or should I say we blocked the road!, We were going up the last hill when the trailer slid of the ice, the trailer got jack kniffed, and then we got stuck!! It was actually quite humorous! My husband always amazes me in how he can figure anything out. After taking the 4 wheeler off of the trailer and turning it around with a cable, then getting the Ranger off and towing the trailer down the road, he was able to get the Suburban unstuck and we were off! I would have never known how to get us out of that situation without calling 911!

Averie Goodliffe, Maddi, Kayla, and Kaberlyn, making funny faces!
We had a full house all weekend. The girls invited Kamberlyn to come with us for the weekend. She is such a sweetie, we enjoyed having her with us! Dave' sis. Cortnie and her hubby Chris came up with their kids. It was Cort.'s B-day on Saturday. We were glad to share her 23 birthday with her!! (It was really her 32, but who's counting!) My friend Brooke and her kids were able to come up for a night as well. Jake and Tracie cam up on Sat. to sled. They all went home Saturday. Then on Sunday Misty and Stu came up, later that day Steve and Karen Hurd came and spent the night with their kids! It was a little crazy, but we had a blast!
Kayla took the camera outside to take some photos of the frost. She even took pictures of the wild turkey tracks, and about 20 wild turkeys at the cabin across the street. I thought they were some good pictures!
Marlie had a good time at the cabin, but preferred being inside!
The kids spent hours sledding down the driveway. There were lots of wipe outs, and I was amazed that no one got hurt! There is a picture of Kayla and Tracie hitting the snow pile at the bottom of the driveway. We always enjoy the time we get to spend at the cabin. Can't wait to go back!Posted by Picasa