Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy 4th of July to EWE!!

Every year we are in the Deweyville parade with the Gorings! It is a 4th of July tradition for us. The entire family gets on the back of a flat bed trailer, the kids through candy and have a great time! This year they made cute hats with lamb ears on them for us to wear. (The Gorings own a sheep ranch.) 
Dave had to work during the day, but he put on a firework show for us when he got home. Natalie, Lincoln , and cousin Easton came to watch. Mary and Hudson were there,too. Poor Lincoln got a little traumatized with the noise, but he sure made us laugh with his animation!!

Family pictures

If anyone knows my family we are all about taking pictures. Every time my brother Marlon comes to visit it is a given that we have to get a family picture taken. Dave is always so thrilled for this event! So once again we posed for a family picture. We are going to have to get another one taken when Tim and Kim's new baby gets here, but I think the pictures are going to get far and few in between now that Cam and Mary are moving to St. Louis. I think that I am actually going to miss the dreaded family picture!

                     Isn't that a beautiful family, and yes, I know that my hair is totally in my face.
                                  Grandma and Grandpa with all of the grandkids.
     Here are my little darlings. Thanks to Nat for being brave enough to be our photographer!

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Every year Daves work sends us to Lagoon, the best part is that it is free!!! This year Marlon was here visiting so he came along. He was a great uncle and took Kayla and Maddi on all of the big rides while we took Mason on the kiddie rides. The time we get to spend with Marlon is always special! We all had a fun day! The girls were never around, so I didn't end up with any pictures of them, but they were there having a blast! Later in the day they got me on some of the wilder rides that I couldn't ride last year. It is nice that they are finally tall enough to ride all of the rides.
   Marlie was such a good girl. She hung out in her stroller and endured a long day in the heat.
One your mark... get set...... go........................Dave and Marlon always have to have a little healthy competition. They are still in disagreement over who was the winner!

                Mason and Lincoln had a great time riding  all of the rides together.
Mason even got Dave on a ride with him, he has to stick with the kiddie rides though, otherwise he gets sick.

Williams Reunion

In June we went to the Williams family reunion. It was at Bear Lake this year, right around the corner from our cabin. So instead of camping we cheated and stayed at the cabin. It was nice to have a soft place to sleep. We enjoyed seeing aunts, uncles, and cousins. It is always fun to get together play volleyball and talk about old times.  We learned that Dave and his cousin Jeremy used to like to eat their Grandpas pig food when they were little. (That isn't too surprising knowing Dave!) I always look forward to the Williams reunions and I am glad that everyone makes such an effort to attend.
                             Here  is Marlie with Daves Grandma and Grandpa Williams.
Daves cousin Dirk is so cute with all of the kids and they never leave him alone. He brought his girlfriend Hailey and I think that Mason and cousin Callin are in love with her!
                                                Maddi kept cool by playing in the Lake.
 McKayla and her cousins spent a lot of time building a sand castle, then they plowed it over.
This was Marlie's first time at the beach and I think she liked it. She had fun playing in her toy that Aunt Cortnie let us borrow. She is wearing the new hat that Grandma Marlene bought for her in Mexico.

We were happy that Scott and Shay could come stay with us at the cabin. Scott and Shay are going to be proud parents of a baby girl and a baby boy in December. We are so excited for them, and we are glad that it is not us! Cortnie and  her kids came and stayed for one night, but they had to leave early because Easton was sick. We were sad that we didn't get to play longer with them, but luckily they live next door so we get to see them often. Daves sister Stephaine wasn't able to attend this year and we missed seeing them.
Kayla and Maddi talked their daddy into letting them do his hair. This was the final product. He wore his hair like this all day. We were all so happy that we even got him to go to the beach all day with us. (Dave does not like the sun or the sand, so the beach is not his friend!)

Baby Hudson

This is my new nephew Hudson Cameron Hoyt.  He was born June 1st, 2008 to my baby sister Mary and my awesome brother in law Cam. They are such good parents to baby Hudson. We are all so sad because Cam got a new job in St. Louis and they are moving at the end of July.  We are going to have to blog a lot more so we can stay in touch.