Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fun filled weekend!

Sitting around our house for the last two months had gotten to everyone and we needed a break. Dave wanted to go to the cabin, but after plowing snow for hours at our house, he decided the last thing that he wanted to do is go to Bear Lake and spend the weekend shoveling 10 feet of snow. My brother Tim and sister in law Kim were nice enough to let us go to Lehi for the Weekend and spend some time with them. I know it is a big undertaking to have all of us over, but we had so much fun, and I hope they did too!(Their neighbors were kind enough to offer us one of their spare bedrooms to sleep in, thanks John and Michelle!) 
The girls and Dave enjoyed a game of Guitar Hero. (Maddi is rockin out!) Luckily my kids enjoy watching others play video games, because Dave and Tim played Halo a lot!!!!
On Saturday we took the kids to Kangaroo Zoo. It was the best $25.00's I have ever spent! They had a blast playing on all of the blow up toys. I wish we had one closer to our house.
Our friends Jake and Rachel Hammon's live in Eagle Mountian, so they met us there with there kids to play. Dave and all of the kids are showing us the balloons that they got.
We went to Jake and Rachels new house. It is very nice! Mason, Ethan, and Noah were looking for the girls, so they could attack them with their nerf guns.
After a long day of playing we met Tim, Kim, Addie, and some of their nice neighbors for dinner. The food and the company was great! Thanks for the great weekend!!! (isn't my niece Addie the cutest!!)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

First smiles

I have not blogged for a month. I have been taking so many pictures, but have not had the time to blog. Dave is asleep with Marlie, so I am going to blog as long as I can. I have at least 4 posts that I need  to do, but we will see how much I get done.
Well, Marlie started smiling at 4 weeks. For the first couple of weeks she would only smile for Dave. I was a little jealous, but then I thought maybe she smiles at him because he is so funny to look at!! (just kidding dave!) Now she smiles at me and the rest of the family. It is so cute to see her with that big smile! Here are a few of the pictures that I have of her cute smiles.

Okay, I know that is not a smile, but she is even cute when she cries!!

Snowed in

We have found ourselves snowed in a few times this last month. Just when we think the snow has stopped it starts again! Here is Dave plowing out the driveway. There was so much snow that they canceled our church. 
        McKayla and Mason get sick of playing inside and decide to go sledding in the back yard.   Maddi decides that playing in the snow isn't as fun as she thought.                                Mason and grandma shoveling the driveway.
                       Madison tries to help with the shoveling as well

Too much snow can make you crazy!!! Nancy gave everyone "Rockin" hair!
The snow could not stop us from celebrating Dave's 32nd Birthday. (He is getting so old that the kids have to help him blow out his candles!) He had to go to work while we watched the Super Bowl. We did go out to the next night with Blaine and Natalie and Misty and Stuart.

Old friends and good times

Mason, Cameron Wood, and Easton Goodliffe had fun playing with the trucks, while Averie Goodliffe, Maddi, and Kayla enjoyed playing Little Pet Shops and listening to Hannah Montana.

We got together with our longtime friends Jake and Tracie Goodliffe and Nolan and Leslie Wood. The kids played and we all had a great time. Dave has been friends with Nolan and Jake sense they were in middle school. If you ever want to hear some good stories from the past you need to talk to them. They are such good friends to us, but it our lives get so busy that we don't get together very often. I was glad that they were able to come over for a few hours and hopefully we can spend more time together in the future. It is such a great blessing to have good friends in our lives!

Oh Deer!!!

For the past few months a group of about 20 or more deer have been coming down the mountain into our neighborhood. They have been looking for food and shelter, because there is so much snow. They are in our yard every morning and evening. It is fun to watch them. I do feel bad for them, especially the little ones!
Here is the big buck walking down our stairs to find his next meal.

The deer are on to the next house to see what they can find.