Sunday, December 13, 2009

Maddi's 9th Birthday, Family reunion, and Photo Shoot

On August 15th was Maddi's 9th Birthday. This year we were actually at a the Williams family reunion in Idaho. I made her a sign and Dave's cousin brought some balloons. Aunt Tammy and Uncle Dave got everything set up for us so when Maddi woke up and opened the trailer door, she could see the sign and balloons. We sent Maddi on a scavenger hunt to find her present. When she opened up her new pink i-pod she was so excited. It was fun being able to spend her birthday with family that we have never celebrated a Birthday with before.

The grounds for the reunions were beautiful! It was acres of green grass, a ball field, a covered Bowery, and lots of space to ride bikes.
We had a yummy dutch oven dinner and played lots of games. It was actually a really cold weekend for August and woke up to frost, but it was a lot of fun! Marile loved playing with her little cousin Deegan. They are only 10 days apart and get along really well. It is always so much fun to spent time with Dave's extended family! We look forward to the reunion every year. Dave's Grandpa Williams had a stroke 2 years ago, he is doing pretty good and we are so happy that he is still able to come camping with us!

We had some fun playing on the swings and other cool toys that were there. We got some cool pictures of us all jumping off of the swings. I thought I did pretty good, but the kids informed me that walking off the swing is not the same as jumping.

While Dave and I were packing up the trailer the kids took the camera to take some pictures. We were so surprised when we got home and started looking at the pictures that they took. I guess Mason wanted the girls to do a photo shoot of himself. He posed himself and I think it is hilarious! I love the serious looks, and the side views. We were absolutely cracking up when we saw the picture of his eye with the mit over his face!!! Actually a pretty cool picture!!! I just had to put these on here!

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