Sunday, January 13, 2008

Don't you love this card!!!!

 While my brother Marlon was here he helped me take some pictures of the baby and all of the kids! It is a little hard to get everyone posed for a picture, but I think they turned out great!! I love all of the pictures, I will post more later. My sister in law Kim and all of  her talent on her computer with Photo Shop then put together this birth announcement/New Years card for me to send out. I am so happy with the way it turned out! Thank you Marlon and Kim!!!!

Marlie meeting some more Morris'

                                     Dave's sister Cortnie came to meet Marlie.
                                 Marlie meeting her grandma Stacie Morris for the first time.
 Uncle Scott and Aunt Shay Morris also see their new niece. They spent the night! We always have fun playing games with them. (except Shay always wins!)

Happy New Years!!!!

Here we are celebrating the new year. I was surprised that we all stayed awake until 12:00 a.m.! We didn't go anywhere this year because of the baby being so small, but we were happy that the whole gang (Marlon, Tim, Kim, Addie, Cam, and Mary and my parents) we nice enough to hang out with us so we were not so bored.
After spending more than a week visiting uncle Marlon had to leave on New years day to go back home to California and continue his hard work and training for the 2008 Paralymic games this Fall. It is always sad when he has to leave, but enjoy the time we get to spend with him and appreciate the efforts he makes in visiting us as much as he can. Dave and my kids especially appreciate all of the toys that he brings and leaves for us like a the psp and the wii!!! We are spoiled!
On New Years day we ventured out with the baby for the first time to visit some of Dave's family. His Grandpa Williams suffered a stroke the 1st part of December and is still in the hospitial. We thought it might cheer him up to see some of his great grandkids.
We also were able to stop and visit Dave's Grandma Morris. Mason loves to go there and play with all of the old cars that are as old as Dave (or older). She made Marlie the beautiful blanket that she is wrapped up in . We had a wonderful time visiting with everyone that day. 

Celebrating Christmas

The kids showing off all of the things that Santa left them. Mason was happy with his new pirate ship and truck, and McKayla and Madison were excited to see a new stereo and bedding for their room as well as a house for all of their Little Pet Shop toys! They also all got new winter coats and lots of other fun things!
                                                     Marlie and Uncle Cam taking a nap.
 This year we had a great Christmas. On Christmas Eve all of my brothers and sisters (along with their families) were able to spend the night. This was Marlie's first time meeting her cousin Addie as well as Aunt Kim and Uncle Tim. We all had so much fun being with each other! We played games and read the Christmas story, and as usual ate a lot of wonderful food prepared by my mom! My dad had  to work, but he was able to be home Christmas morning as we exchanged gifts and had the traditional Christmas breakfast of cinnamon and orange rolls, scrambled eggs, ham and eggnog. It is so wonderful to be a part of a family where we like and take the time to spend time with each other and make lasting memories!